The 2016 Red Bull Thre3style World DJ Championship was held in Santiago ,Chile on  17th December 2016 in a packed venue. It was the ultimate culmination of an event that had started from may through to October of this year. More than 1,00o djs participated 126 made it to the Finals but eventually 21 made it to the all paid trip to the finals in South America. This was further complimented by 3 wild cards from United Kingdom,Spain and Barbados making it the final 24 to perform on the grand stage in front of thousands of fans.

The djs were judged on originality,skills,track selection,personality and crowd response within a period of 15 minutes and were to please both the crowd and the judges. As if the competition want enough, they threw in a curve ball and insisted all must play at least 3 genres of music. All that, was what it took to become the World Thre3style DJ Champion and join the likes of DJ Eskei83  (2014) of Germany and Dj Byte (2015) of Chile in becoming the DJ Champion of Champions. When it was all over, 25 year old DJ Puffy of Barbados, the wildcard emerged victorious among the best djs on the planet.

Watch the winning set of the Red Bull Thre3style Dj Championship.