Disclaimer :I am not hating but the reason artists go to S. A to shoot music videos isn’t because of the locations or cameras. It is because S. A has better skilled professionals than Kenya. Most Kenyan video directors can’t color correct to save their lives because most are self taught and probably learned as an apprentice. The production has a big part to play when you expect an amazing output from lights to sound to makeup but mostly post production is where most magic happens. So for the film industry in general to go further,there needs to be some bit of training from script writing to directing as the core of storytelling then post production as well.
Side note: This was not meant discredit all Kenyan directors in the film industry. This was just an observation. There are amazing video directors such as Willie Owusu, J. Blessing, Enos Olik and many more……You can disagree about my opinions but as long as you think Kenyan music videos are the best then you will see very few of our videos actually making it on international music TV stations. Bless Up.