Pioneer Dj has announced the release of DDJ-SZ2 the upgrade of the flagship 2014 DDJ-SZ which was the first professional dj controller with fully sized jog wheels, a built in mixer with a Magvel crossfader (DJM-900NS2)  and its ability to play music videos on Serato DJ without the need for a Rane mixer. For the above reasons the Pioneer DDJ-SZ became wildly popular for club owners with a limited budget, mobile djs and bedroom djs.

The new features on the new Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 aren’t as BIG as you would expect. It contains all the previous features of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and new dedicated controls for the Serato DJ software’s Pitch ‘N Time mode, which allows users to play track cues across different keys. It also has controls for Serato Flip a feature that allows DJs to record and play back cue points and easily recall edits or remixes made in the middle of a set.Pioneer DJ says this model has been upgraded with more responsive jog wheels for improved scratching capabilities and includes an oscillator capable of making four different sounds: siren, drop, noise or laser.

Apart from the four channel mixer, multicolored drum pads, dual usb for smooth switch overs, its basically the same controller. It costs around $1,999 (KSH. 200,00) , same as the DDJ-SZ and will be available from January 2017.Check it out in action in this video.