Collaborations are a good way of artists to expand their fan base to markets and countries that have never been touched by the other persons music. This can be of mutual benefit to both artists and the fans who get to enjoy great music. It all depends on who stands to gain the most from the collaboration. Tanzanian music has been on the rise lately with Diamond and Alikiba being some of the most paid artists in East Africa leaving their  Kenyan counterparts behind by very far. Tanzania music pays,truth be told and new collaborations are said to fetch more money for mega stars. It is rumored Akothee paid Diamond Platnumz millions of Kenyan Shillings to collaborate on the song “Sweet Love”. And you know what? Fans don’t care. It is also a great tool for struggling up and coming artists  to get to share the spotlight and get airplay on radio. If the fans like you, then that should be the “Big Break” It sometimes backfires and the collaborator gets to steal the spotlight from you proving NOT to be of value to the paying act. This is a delicate balance that can go either right, where your investments get to pay back in the long run or it can be a disaster and a waste of precious resources. You take the risk, Dear artist.